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Why I write my Journey!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

My page is my journey living my life on the Gold Coast Australia with my children & family, friends. and being diagnosed with functional neurological disorder 3 years ago, autoimmune disease (hashimoto’s) thyroid disease 14 yrs ago, scoliosis since I was 14 yrs old. My page is to help people with these illnesses in a positive way, trying to give people hope and strength. I will be sharing my lifestyle and since being diagnosed with FND how I have had to adjust my life to suit my seizures, and symptoms. I would like to share my journey living with chronic disease and how your diet, exercise, and mental health really matter. I will share how I have learnt how to walk, talk and decrease my seizures, after having years of treatment. Having lots of neurological and Physio etc etc treatment to follow which I use in every day life to get me through. I will also share what helps me with my hashimoto disease, diet, medication, mindfulness, and exercise. How my support network understand my conditions and knows how to keep me safe during a seizure. How I adapt my days to be-able to live the best life I can. I also have started a brand of positive active wear clothing to inspire and to let people with invisible disabilities not to give up, to still do what they can. I understand how difficult life can be having to deal with disability and disease, and how a major part in making yourself feel better is by the foods you eat, the exercise you can do, and ensuring you keep your mental health healthy. I will promote Yoga, meditation, grounding, neuro Physio, scoliosis exercises to help improve mobility, and how having a great team of people to help you. I am trying to help people to not be afraid of what they are going through and to be positive and embrace that they have been given a gift like me and my gift is to help, encourage and strengthen people’s minds and bodies to beable to live with the best life they can. I also encourage people not to give up, people do care for them and want to help them, don’t push people away, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I will also share my experiences with ways to deal with living their best life they can. Not to put pressure on themselves, and a small achievement to someone else is huge to yourself, so give yourself self love, be kind to yourself, and to stay strong, positive and believe in yourself.

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