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This is me! chapter 1

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Ok so where do I start! My life began in the North East of England, where I grew up in a little town called Billingham. Growing up was not easy, but at least we didn’t have social media, I lived on a counsel estate with my mum and dad and little dog Tanya, it’s very strange because since I was diagnosed with FND my long term memory has seemed to resurface, but my short term memory is really bad. It’s like my brain is now full of my life experiences it can’t store any more information. If only I could create more extra ram in my head for my future. Anyway back to my child hood, my mum was only 15 years old when she gave birth to me, so she was like my sister, and all my uncles and aunties where so close in age they were like my brothers and sisters, I must admit I can’t remember much from being so young like all of us, but I was told I was a bit of hardwork, I used to have temper tantrum’s etc but hey don’t all kids? It must have been hard for my mum and dad being so young to have a child. My mum was still at school and pregnant, my dad was 2 years older and a bit of a lad, but was very good with his hands, always making thing. But they managed to buy us a house, which my dad was always working on. Living in the 80’s was so different to now, we had a milk man who delivered our milk every morning with his milk cart, come rain or shine, he was my alarm clock. Where I lived in the UK is could get very cold, sometimes the top of the milk would freeze over, the cream, proper milk those days, and the little doughy birds would peck the silver lid to pinch the milk. We also had a pop man, a meat delivery man, an icecream man, a toffee apple man, a ringtons tea man, a pools man, a post man, a van which sold everything, a video van where you could hire videos, throughout the years, it was a small community and people engaged with each other, we didn’t have any mobile phones or computers, I’ll come to that later.

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