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Alex The Gypsy

"Alex and the Gypsy" takes a strange, disjointed story and tells it with enough style that the movie sometimes works in spite of itself. It's so uncertain of its own intentions that we never do discover quite what its two central characters feel about each other, but in the midst of this mess there are five or six scenes that are really fine. And there's some spirited acting, too, by Jack Lemmon as a rumpled bailbondsman, and Genevieve Bujold as, of all things, a gypsy.

Alex the Gypsy


They first met, we discover, several years ago when she fled from a gypsy wedding and leaped into Lemmon's beat-up old convertible. She was fed up; this was the third time her father had attempted to sell her in marriage. Lemmon drove her home, they fell in love (or something) and she moved in. For three months.

Unfortunately, though, there was one bump in the road. Early last century, his tomb was robbed. A large marble slab was pried off the tomb and valuables were taken. Police at the time believe the thieves were after items typically buried with gypsy leaders. His Queen Mary, had opened a purse and threw coins into the casket adding to the treasures.

Thank you for sharing this kind story,I am a gypsy woman. 57 yrs old live in Sacramento ca, and was married to a non gypsy,for the most part most people dont want to know who you really are, how sad that is to me, again thank you for being kind and not judging,

Patrick Bateman has officially arrived! Just last week, the company of American Psycho took their first bows at the Schoenfeld Theatre. BroadwayWorld was on hand for the whole evening, starting with the sacred Gypsy Robe ceremony. Below, check out photos of gypsy robe recipient Alex Michael Stoll with the company!The Gypsy Robe began in 1950, when Bill Bradley, in the chorus of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, borrowed a dressing gown from Chorus member Florence Baum and sent it to a friend in CALL ME MADAM on opening night Oct 12, 1950 saying it was worn by all the Ziegfeld beauties and would "bless" the show. A cabbage rose from Ethel Merman's gown was added and the robe was passed along to next Broadway musical on opening night. The tradition evolved so that the robe is now presented to the "gypsy" who has performed the most Broadway musicals on a chorus contract. Along the way, the robe is decorated, painted, patched, stitched, and signed by everyone in the show, becoming a fanciful patchwork for an entire Broadway season.

One of swing's great innovators of the 1930s and 1940s, the Belgian-born acoustic guitarist Django Reinhardt pioneered the style that came to be called European gypsy jazz -- and along the way had a major ally in Parisian violinist Stephane Grappelli. Reinhardt died in France in 1953, but his influence remained long after his death. Anyone who doubts that Reinhardt's music has withstood the test of time need only listen to Gypsy Swing, a collection of Reinhardt-minded gypsy jazz that was recorded in Europe from 1994-1999 (more than 40 years after the guitarist's demise). The improvisers on this CD come from different parts of Europe: While guitarist Jimmy Rosenberg (a member of the group Sinti) grew up in the Netherlands and the Hot Club de Norvège is a Norwegian group, the Robin Nolan Trio was formed in London before relocating to Amsterdam. Reinhardt's compositions don't dominate the CD -- in fact, only about one-fourth of Gypsy Swing is devoted to performances of songs that he wrote. Nonetheless, Reinhardt's influence is present throughout this enjoyable, if derivative, collection. 041b061a72


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