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Buy Wrestling Mats

AK Athletics roll-up wrestling mats are great for wrestling rooms, martial arts academies, jiu jitsu studios, tactical training facilities. Our roll-up wrestling mats can also be used for floor padding in quiet rooms, hospitals, penitentiaries, and for practicing wrestling or martial arts skills at home. Because each wrestling mat only weighs about .5 a lb per square foot they are versatile and can be transported for competitions or events.

buy wrestling mats

We offer financing through Full Circle Finance, a partner of ours that has specialized in financing gymnastics, cheerleading wrestling and martial arts equipment for the past thirteen years. Please see our Financing page for more details.

Our company was formed in 2010, but the founding EZ Flex team includes the inventors of the original flexible rolling mat system and together has more than 100 years of experience making quality sport mats. Click here to learn more about our story.

We pride ourselves in providing higher quality, more affordable mats for Wrestling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Fitness. Our production process uses only quality materials and the latest in efficient manufacturing techniques to provide superior sports mats at an industry-leading price. Feel free to request a free sample so you can see the quality of our mats for yourself.

We stand behind the quality of our products. That's why full-size EZ Flex wrestling mats are backed by our Five-Year Limited Warranty that covers any defects in manufacturing. Our quality control standards are among the industry's most stringent in order to assure that every mat leaving our facility meets the same EZ Flex level of excellence.

Most mats are shipped via common freight carrier. Wrestling mats are wrapped using multiple layers of cardboard, the ends are capped with additional cardboard, and then the mats are placed in heavy-duty plastic bags. Multiple mat sections may be combined to ship as a single roll, depending on size.

Mat decals are a great, economical way to display sponsor logos or add additional artwork to any wrestling mat. Decals come in a matte finish, can be rolled up along with the mat, and always come up clean with no residue. Not recommended for use inside wrestling area.

The original inventor of FLEXI-Roll and FLEXI-Connect mats, Dollamur wrestling mats are the ultimate American made mat featuring high performance closed-cell, cross-linked foam to provide maximum shock absorption.

Dollamur is the Official Mat Provider for many State tournaments and regional championships. See our upcoming tournaments and get special offers. Have a need for mats at your tournament? Dollamur can assist with rental options.

The Resilite Classic Mat changed the sport of wrestling when it was introduced in 1959. They're designed to be the longest-lasting and most durable mats available, and they meet the high demands of our customers with a variety of options and two complete wrestling surfaces.

LiteWeight Mats combine the most versatility with the greatest performance available. They go far above and beyond the dull, stiff surface used on other light weight mats. Featuring our exclusive hot-sprayed, vinyl-coated surface, they have the same feel as our Classic Mats, and their bright look and durable finish last for years.

These mats can be laid down right on top of floors and carpets, but the piles should not be too heavy or thick for the latter. Look for slip-resistant materials, as you should be able to use these mats wearing shoes or on your bare feet. Using only socks is discouraged because they are slippery unless they have non-skid pads on the bottoms.

Wrestling and workout mats can be foldable for easy storage, and some have features like handles and carrying cases for portability. You might prefer a roll-up mat, and these are usually not as cumbersome as the fold-up versions. Other mats are sold as separate interlocking tiles, which are like puzzle pieces. This structure makes it easy to customize them to the sizes you need.

Designed for competitions and events, these mats are quick to set up, light-weight, easy to move, and pack up. Made from shock-absorbent EVA foam and a carpet surface, these mats provide excellent protection against impact injuries and are ideal for experienced athletes.

Join Wrestling mats together for a seamless look. This vinyl tape features a strong adhesive backing and a vinyl surface that matches the tatami surface. Can be used for both temporary and permanent mat setups.

If you are looking for the ideal wholesale used wrestling mats for sale products to expand your physical skill set, you will be happy with the choices you can find available on With the mix of styles and traditions, there are plenty of martial arts to adapt everyone's specific needs. You can choose jujutsu or wrestling if you want a better set of martial arts. There are, martial arts, adaptial, and custom-made used wrestling mats for sale that fit your needs.

Search for the ideal wholesale used wrestling mats for sale products from the large list of choices available on Martial arts are made up on many different forms, from punch based forms, including boxing or karate, through to kick-based such as kickboxing and taekwondo, weapon based such as fencing, contact or grappling based such as judo. Some forms even including a mix of all the styles. The choice of used wrestling mats for sale products are fully based on your skills, structure and necessities. From the many choices you can find available, you will have no shortage of options for your decision making.

You will be delighted by the many choices of used wrestling mats for sale products which you can find available on available for you to pick. Martial arts have been a long lasting tradition of combat which has been practiced for multiple reasons. Whether you decide to join used wresting mats to sale for military and law enforcement applications, national and global competitions, physical activities, meditation and spiritual development or for entertainment, you will be able to find plenty of choices. used wrest m for is ideal for people of all ages and sizes, you are sure to find one that fits your needs best. If you need a gown for a more formal occasion, different types of styles and cuttings are also available.

Roll out wrestling mats are constructed with premium materials like our premium 24oz non-slip vinyl and 2.2lb density sports foam to provide maximum performance while keeping the mats durable.We build our production process with state-of-the-art machinery as the starting point for our manufacturing process to ensure that every mat leaving our building is of the same quality level as SANHONG. Some manufacturers' raw methods are outdated and lack consistency, resulting in a higher chance of failure.

Our founder was the one who developed the original lightweight wrestling mat and invented the standard flexible rolling system of lightweight wrestling mat. Therefore, no one knows about lightweight wrestling mat better than SANHONG.SANHONG roll out wrestling mats continue the history of reliable lightweight floor mats, and we are constantly improving for the best performance and reliability.

MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and more! These commercial grade mats designed for in home use! Available in 10x5 foot sections, piece them together to build the perfect solution that fits the space you have. Buy (2) or more mats and get a free roll of mat tape!

Prior to the 1950s, wrestling mats were frightful. They consisted of either straw or smashed-down piles of horsehair, crammed into a tufted canvas cover. These canvas mats offered little protection from falls or injuries and were hard, if not impossible to keep clean. Mat burns were not only common but also expected, causing wrestlers to have the constant threat of infections.

In the sport of wrestling, direct contact with the mat or the opponent can sometimes result in injury. According to a study conducted by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation, the most common wrestling situation resulting in injury was during the takedown position, accounting for 68% of all injuries, 65% of which occurred during practice, although match competitions did show a higher injury rate. It should also be noted that injured wrestlers were on average, five (5) months older and were at a more experienced level than non-injured wrestlers. In the United States, it is estimated that of the 2 million sports-related injuries, more than 300,000 concussions occur each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Research findings have demonstrated that High School athletes are more vulnerable to concussions than older athletes and may take longer to recover. High school athletes are also three (3) times more likely to experience a second concussion during the same sport season. 041b061a72


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