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Bruno Agafonov
Bruno Agafonov

Microsoft Revenue Exceeds $100bn Boosted By Cloud Services

Last year, total cloud revenues in South Africa were about $243m, yet are now set to grow by roughly 20 percent per year until 2021. With more digital data these days, South Africans need better storage solutions. This trend has largely been fuelled by the forward march of vital web infrastructure such as electricity and wi-fi services in the country, as well as the rise of internet-connected devices such as laptops and Huawei smartphones.

Microsoft revenue exceeds $100bn boosted by cloud services

"Our revenue growth was strong in the quarter, with both digital business and core services growing. This is a clear reflection of our deep client relevance, industry-leading digital, cloud, and automation capabilities," said Infosys Salil Parekh in a statement released with the results. 350c69d7ab


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