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Dog Armor Fallout 4 Mod

New modular body armor with new meshes & textures for Dogmeat, designed after modern Military and Police K-9 gear. Craftable side pouches, backpack, ballistic weave, faction patches, and various colors and patterns customized at the standard workbench. Lots of options!

dog armor fallout 4 mod


A grisly discovery outside Sanctuary - Someone is running a Dog fighting ring! Can you find and put an end to the ringleader of this operation before he claims another poor Doggo? (miniquest) A NEW set of craftable Dogmeat armor - 3 weights, 3 upgrades, all vanilla textures + 7 from scratch. A NEW set of Armor for Strong - 3 weights.

The K-9 Armor is a great-looking and highly textured armor for your faithful canine companion, Dogmeat. It provides amazing damage and energy resistance and also provides radiation resistance. The armor is also very lightweight and modifiable.

This mod replaces Dogmeat with a Dogbot or adds three dog robots to the game. Unique armors, greater damage than dogs, more HP, heavy armor, immunity to radiation, immunity to poison, sneak, and no fall damage are just a few of the fantastic attributes. The armors are craftable at the chemistry station and editable at the armor workbench.

This mod adds four additional elemental-themed Nightmare Hounds for players to utilize as mounts to the mod Driveables of the Commonwealth - Dogs. The Hounds get their own set of armor as well. The Nightmare Armor is a fantasy-themed dog armor designed exclusively for the Hounds, while it can also be worn by other canines from the main mod (including Dogmeat).

This mod adds two sets of standalone dog armor based on the combat armor set that can be crafted at any in-game chemistry workbench. The light armor adds a few plates for protection while still allowing Dogmeat to move around freely, whereas the heavy armor makes Dogmeat look like a walking tank with a waggy tail. A modified Gas Mask that can be used with any dog armor is also included.

Shei is a mutated Wolf companion who can be used in conjunction with any other existing companion (including Dogmeat). Because standard dog armor would not fit the wolf mesh, her mod includes a customized version of each vanilla dog armor designed to fit her better. The colors available are black, white, red, and glowing at will. She has the ability to Frenzy in combat, which increases damage and resistance for a short period of time. She can also use her own dog treats, which you can make, to replenish her health in combat.

Dogmeat can be equipped with a range of cosmetics, including three varieties of dog armor. Despite being differentiated as light, regular, and heavy dog armor, none of these items actually provide any defensive benefits with the only difference between them being purely aesthetic. As well as cosmetics, Dogmeat has a variety of special perks that can help the sole survivor during their travels through the Commonwealth.

Should the player wish to find Dogmeat's armor more expediently, there are two locations where it can be reliably found depending on the player's level. By visiting both these locations, the player is likely to acquire all three variants of dog armor. It bears repeating that neither light, medium, or heavy dog armor offers any defensive bonus, but they are all great finds for players wishing to customize their canine companion.

East of Jamaica Plain, the sole survivor can find a crumbling overpass with a raider camp on top. Ascending this overpass, the player will be greeted by three named attack dogs called Kate, Kyle, and Alissa. Each of these dogs has a chance to drop dog armor as well as various bandanas that can also be worn by Dogmeat.

Even with the random drops, the player is likely to leave this encounter with two types of dog armor. Like all raider camps, the enemies here will eventually respawn allowing the player to farm this area for armor, bandanas, and welding goggles should they need to.

Another reliable place to find raiders with armored attack dogs is near Dark Hollow pond. In this area, there is a raider with a dog standing on the jetty in the middle of the pond and another camp of raiders close to a large silver standing tube.

There is also a third location next to a ruined bus to the east of Med Tek that can occasionally yield heavy dog armor depending on the player's level. Visiting either one of these locations is a great way for players to collect all three variants of dog armor.

In between Walden Pond and Rock Narrows National Park, there is a small overhang with a pack of wild dogs underneath it. Killing the dogs and investigating their den will reveal three plastic dog bowls and a skeletal corpse, most likely the dog's previous owner. Here the player can find a chain collar and a dog helmet. A reinforced dog collar can be found in the Nuka World DLC to complete the dog's armor set.

Armor on clothing is more closely normalized, so that some clothing is not drastically overpowered over everything else. Most clothing can be used with all armor pieces (chest, legs, arms). Both armor and clothing have corresponding item mod slots that match the visual appearance. Exmaple: any helmet that uses the eye slot will also have an eyewear mod. Certain clothing items such as bandanas provide nothing and cannot be modded.

All Vanilla FO4 clothing effects for Perks are disabled, which means it automatically balance player-crafted armor too. Most goggles and helmets that cover the eyes, have some fire resist now. Many other items give correspondingly logical effects.

Horizon's default armor/clothing naming/tagging system is fully expanded. Every piece of vanilla/dlc armor and clothing will sort properly and have an appropriate icon (Icon Library). Many DLC items no longer use the DLC naming rules, as Horizon's default rules account for mostly everything now.

Many Clothing upgrades are altered, to require Nylon, along with other changes. Nylon is primarily only found by scrapping leather armor and some types of clothing. Clothing upgrades are balanced. Upgrading sizes requires Tailoring skill. Upgrades use appropriate materials that actually fit their name.

Armor conditions are displayed in the item's name the same way that weapon condition works. Conditions in the name are shortened if the optional short names addon has been installed. Much like Weapons, Armor can have various grade levels from "Degraded" to "Deteriorated" up to "Ruined". Ruined armor can't be equipped by the player. It still has resists though, so that NPCs gain some benefit before its considered ruined.

These parts can all be crafted in the Tech Lab (Alloy Plating)". Alloy Platings are commonly used in both Power Armor and standard Armor to gain more protection. Occasionally these parts are used in other non-armor recipes too, e.g. more experimentation points (EP) in the ZX-1 Experimentation Lab.

"Hazmat Suit" and "Hooded Cleanroom Suits" have been overhauled. Both provided 400 Rad resistance plus the built-in bonus of -50% rads. While wearing these suits, AP refresh is reduced by 90% and any armor is restricted to use. Both give a lot more scrap including 1 filter and 1 used filter.

This bag is extracted from the Postman's outfit and can be carried on top of any other clothing (uses slot: "54 - UNNAMED"). It can be crafted in the Tech Lab (Equipment). One of them can be found in Vault 111. It has 4 levels of carry weight upgrades. It can be colored in 16 different colors through a mod slot in any armor workbench. These use custom textures and palettes.

Although you aren't able to handle yourself in a fight with a gun or any type of weapon, it certainly doesn't make you an easy target. This German Shepherd has the ability to use his jaws instead. Armor isn't a problem either, as you are able to wear only one piece of dog gear -- from the heavy dog armor to the skull bandana.

Simply call Dogmeat over, initiate a trade and give him the dog-friendly items. Then press the corresponding button to equip him with a piece of armor (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One, and T on PC) just like you would do on any other companion.

Speaking of transformations, it's possible to turn into different dogs throughout the wasteland using some console commands. And even though the Pipboy is inaccessible, it is possible to equip some dog armor and clothing if you manage to encounter them throughout your journeys. It's one of the few things that doesn't glitch or cause any problems in this particular Fallout 4 mod.

The mod allows you get the canine suited up either by purchasing the armor from a couple of retailers or by crafting it yourself (in conjunction with the CRAFT mod). Future updates to the mod may even include a radio collar to allow you to track the mutt on your Pip-Boy.

Download11. Legendary ModificationThis Legendary Modification mod lets you craft legendary weapons and/or armor in Fallout 4. Players need legendary armor or weapon pieces that can be acquired through beating enemies or merchants. You can use these pieces to craft legendary equipment for yourself. Legendary effects are applied to your basic weapons or armor and enhance the abilities of the equipment a player is carrying. Legendary equipment can be customized and you can also give it custom name to make it more unique.Download12. Enhanced Blood Textures

Buzz Lightyear is actually Danse, a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel and possible Fallout 4 companion. With the Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse mod installed, you can give him this impressively detailed Buzz Lightyear armor (which you'll have to find separately, apparently there's a set on the Prydwen) to wear instead of his usual BoS duds. It won't actually make him more interesting or fun at parties, but it is a pretty great look.

The mod maker, Sorenova, says Danse can't be made to wear the new armor by default because he has his own unique set, and it's not accessible without the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, which isn't expected to be released until early 2016. Once that happens, the mod will be updated to give Danse the new hotness right from the get-go.


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