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Girl Shitting Diarrheal

In rare instances, you may find you need to take over-the-counter (OTC) anti-diarrheal medications, such as loperamide (Imodium). You can also take also try taking an OTC pain reliever, such as ibuprofen (Advil), to help with cramping.

Girl Shitting Diarrheal

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Dr. Olson: So Dr. Fate, I have a case for you coming from our general pediatrics clinic. So I saw a nine-year-old girl who came into clinic for abdominal pain and bloody stools. She first noticed the blood in her stool a few weeks ago. She notices about 5 to 10 drops of blood [00:02:30] every time she goes to the bathroom. Sometimes the blood is on the toilet paper. Sometimes the blood is mixed in the toilet. But since it was not a large amount of blood, Mom was not concerned enough to bring her in until today. She also states she has pretty significant abdominal pain following her bowel movements.


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