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Viewed from a top-down perspective, the world of Gruntz is a colorful place. The landscape is filled with multihued traps and roadblocks. In the single-player game, you must steer a team of gruntz from the starting position to your king, who waits in his fort at the end of each mazelike level. Along the way, you must pick up a puzzle piece called the "warp stone," and one of your gruntz must carry this stone to the king.


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A wide variety of obstacles stand in your way. There are raised blockades that must be lowered, pits that must be filled, buttons that must be pressed, and enemy gruntz that attack on sight. Each level adds new challenges or new ways to deal with challenges, making the game grow exponentially more complex, as well as exponentially more interesting, with each success.

To surmount the challenges that face them, your gruntz are given a wide variety of tools. There are gauntlets, which break blocks and rocks that stand in your way and serve as a decent weapon as well. Straws allow a grunt to suck up the gooey remains of dead gruntz. When you have enough goo saved up, you can create a new grunt to join your team. Toys can be used to distract enemy gruntz. Shovels can be used to fill holes (or dig into dirt piles to find secrets). The list goes on and on. While there's quite a bit to learn in the game, it is presented at a reasonable pace. You'll learn to use a few things at a time, and as more tools are introduced, you must find new ways to use the ones you are familiar with.

Graphically, Gruntz is simplistic and colorful. The units look like little claymation figures, and the backgrounds change frequently enough to keep things visually interesting. The constant chattering of your gruntz may entertain you, or it may drive you crazy; chances are, it'll be somewhere in between. They have some sarcastic comment for every command you give them, ranging from pop culture references to more straightforward insults. Many of them are funny, and they're varied enough that while they may get annoying, they don't get repetitive very quickly.

Every orc army is made up of war boys, called gruntz. This mob is the shoota gruntz; they're snorty and grumpy unless they're pinning that trigger finger, blasting out dakka ontop of more dakka. This multipart set allows you to make as many shoota gruntz you need, and all of them will be unique! The set comes with 31 pre-supported parts, ready for 3d printing. This includes 5 bodies, 2 base details, 10 heads, 4 shootas held with 2 hands, 1 shoota held with 1 hand, 2 arms with no hands and 2 additional hand options. There are 5 gun bodies which fit on any shoota, allowing for more customization and flexibility. Any gun or arm can go on any body. If you reflect some parts you will get even more unique models! Note that heads are hollowed at the back allowing you to turn them as desired. They will also fit on other orc bodies. The set comes with a pre-supported 32mm plain base.

We are currently designing another set of gruntz, called 'chopping gruntz'. These sets will be fully compatible with each other, allowing you to swap bodies, heads and arms for even more unique models!IMPORTANT: Gun arms are designed to click into place. You need to use a touch of force when you push the arms from below, into the shoulder socket. We recommend you place a tiny bit of glue into the shoulder sockets before clicking the arms into place. You will get some movement to swivel the arms to get just the right pose.

This puzzle game begins as the Gruntz - these are the creatures that the player controls throughout the game - are whisked off to another realm. These gruntz must venture through this new world to gather missing pieces of the Warp Stone to return home. 041b061a72


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